Country Type Channel Description Language Streaming mode Bandwith
    Web TV:        
DK TV DR1 and DR2     MP 1039
DK TV TV2        
DK TV DKnet Danish cristian television   MP  
DK TV TV2 regionerne Recorded local stuff      
EU TV JumpTV        
GL TV UnderwaterTV        
  TV ATV General TV station. (Homepage )   MP 1800
    BP13 Local cable TV from Budapest. (Homepage)   MP 273
    Duna 2 autonomia General TV station. (Homepage)   MP 300
    Duna Tv Newsarchive from Hungary available on website. (Homepage)   MP 350
  TV E-Klub Dance Music.   MP  
  TV Eskuvo TV Wedding TV.   MP  
  TV Fix TV Web TV.   MP  
    Full arts TV ? (homepage)   MP 140
    Gotthard TV TV from the city Szentgotthard. (homepage)   ? 286
    Halom TV TV station from the city of Szazhalombatta. (Homepage)   MP 273
  TV Hir TV News TV.      
  TV HotSpotTV General music TV channel.   MP  
    Kolcsey TV ? (Homepage)   ? 177
    M1 Mateszalka Local cable TV station from Mateszalka. (Homepage)   MP 1400
    M1 TV National TV with news , entertainment, music, film and sports. Not always online! (Homepage)   MP 100
    M2 TV National TV with news , entertainment, music, film and sports. Not always online! (Homepage)   MP 100
    Mesa TV TV for children. (Homepage)   ? 272
    MM VTV Mosonmagyarovar Varosi Televizio. (Homepage)   ? 180
    NY TV Local TV from Nyireghaza. (Homepage)   MP 350
    Pecs TV General TV from Pecs. (Homepage)   ? 200
    Sopron TV Local TV from Sopron (Homepage)   MP 120
    Sopernet Feher General Internet TV station. (Homepage)   MP 83
    Sopernet Piros General Internet TV station. (Homepage)   MP 500
    Sopernet Zöld General Internet TV station. (Homepage)   MP 83
    SZ TV Local TV from Szombathely. (Homepage)   MP 450
    Varosi TV TV from Szeged. (Homepage)   MP 250
  TV Zuglo TV Cable TV station from Budapest.   MP 273
    Zenitt TV        
  TV Canal 7     MP 270
  TV ZTV        
  TV Swedish TV        
  TV Kanal10 Swedish cristian televesion   MP 512
  TV Thevoice Music (homepage)   MP 135
  TV TVR Recorded streams from various programs.      
  TV Antenna 1 General TV station. Archived news available. (Homepage)   MP 252
  TV Antenna 2 General TV station. (Homepage)   MP 282
  TV Antenna 3 Recorded news available on website.   MP 376
  TV AtomicTVD        
  TV Otv National TV with political debates and general information.   MP 350
  TV DD TV     MP 247
  TV Alfa omega TV Christian TV station from Timisoara.   MP 192
  TV Antenna 1 General TV station. Archived news available.   MP 256
  TV Arena TV Gaming TV.   MP 757
  TV Atomic TV Populair music.   MP 1107
  TV Club TV Local TV from Zalau. (Homepage)   MP 96
  TV Credo TV General TV station. (Homepage)   MP 282
  TV DD TV ? (Homepage)   MP 274
  TV Info TV Local TV from Arad.      
  TV Mega TV Local TV from Braila. (Homepage)   MP 121
  TV Money channel Financial news.   MP 374
  TV OTV Political debates (Homepage)   MP 350
  TV Party tv music (homepage)   MP 620
  TV Pratech TV Lifestyle TV.   MP 186
  TV ProTV Recorded news available on website.      
  TV Realtitatia General TV station.   MP 262
  TV Romusic Music TV station. (homepage)   MP 1100
  TV Speranta tv Romanian cristian television (Homepage)   QT 500
  TV TeleU craiova ? (homepage)   MP 238
  TV TVA Local TV from Arad with recorded news.     100
  TV TVRI National TV station.     150
  TV TVrm General TV station.   MP 273
    Web Radio        
DK Radio DR Netradio        
GL Radio Digitally imported Good radiochannals   MP  
GL Radio        
GL Radio Microsoft internet radio guide        
GL Radio ShoutCast Good radiochannals,      
GL Radio Live365        
IR Radio Radio javan Music download      
  WC Webcams        
    Different Web        
    UK - WebTv        
    Internet TV list        
    What channels        
    TV over        
    Live internet TV        
    Beeline TV        
    WWI TV        
    TV guide        
    DK - Ælling        
    Sattelite guide with positions        
    DK - DVB-T        
    DK - DVB-T Digi        
    SE - DVB-T        

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