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DK - Dykkerteori  
DK - DSF Teori  
DK - Dykning  
DK - Margasinet dyk  
Sizes when bying suits  
My dive book THE FREE web resource for scuba diving, diving locations, and maintaining your personal dive log. We feature a worldwide database of dive sites , user forums, buddy database, and more!
Global online adventure learning site  


Scubagear Scubagear.dk is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is a good site for information on gear, repair, rental, and a wide variety of interesting links on clubs, travels to name a few.
Gooddive Gooddive.com is a scuba diving portal made for divers and professionals. It features useful, dive-related information. "It is by far the richest source of information for divers available on the internet”.
The scuba guide  
CDNN World news concerning divers


Oceans interprices  
Dansk sportsdykker forbund  


DK - Cimbrerne Cimbrerne is a Danish local dive club. The site features links, news and underwater rugby.
Dykkerklubben Narhvalen Narhvalen is a Danish dive club. The site features news articles, galleries, forums and a great variety of links
Dykanden Dykanden is a local dive club based in , Denmark. The site features photos, links and news as well as information about club activities
Panum Underwater Club PUC is a local dive club in Copenhagen, Denmark, which is primarily for students of the the Panum University. The site features among other things useful links to manufacturers and organisations.
The Ranstad Harings Dive Club The Randstad Harings are a local dive club based in The Hague, and the only BS-AC branch in Holland to have a fully open membership.The site features newsletters, training schedules, links and resources as well as information for existing divers and those interested in becoming divers.
Frømandsklubben Oceanos Frømandsklubben Oceanos is a Dive Club based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The site features information on the club, divesites, trips, courses etc.
DK - WebDyk WebDyk is the first web based dive club in Denmark. The site features news, links, power-links and much more
Sotra Sportsdykkerklub Sotra Sportsdykkerklubbs is a local dive club in Norway. The site features club information and links to other Norwegian clubs.
Strängnäs Sportdykarklubb Strängnäs Sportdykarklubb is a Swedish local dive club. The site feature classified adds, information on wrecks and a variety of links
SDK Grodmännen Täby Grodmännen Täby is an active local dive club, based in Sweden. This site is rich on information regarding courses, freediving and sportdiving and non-diving activities
SE - Aqualand Aqualand, a local 5 star Padi dive club based on the Swedish west coast takes you to 46 different dive sites and 5 wrecks. Content-reduced English version
NO - Nordvest`n Undervannsklubb Nordvest`n Undervannsklubb is a Norwegian watersports club featuring information abut sports- and freediving and other watersports.
DK - Ålborg sportsdykkerklub  
DK - Amfora  
DK - Skawdyk  
DK - Københavs dyk Københavs dykkerklub
SE - Sundsdykarna Malmø
SE - dkdelfinen Helsingborg
SE - divescoole 18-30 Helsingborg
SE - Angelholm dyk Ängelholm dykkercenter
SE - Angelholm sportsdykkerklub Ängelholm sportsdykkerklub
SE - Malmø sportsdyk Malmø



DK - Dykkergitte  
DK - Ocean dive  
DK - Amage dykkercenter  
DE - Tauchscule dive and fun  
DK - Aqua sport  
TH - Learn in Asia  
ES - Acus international  
DK - Diving 2000  
US - Dive in to education Univercity of Wollongong
DK - Dyknu  
SE - Dykaventyr  
SE - Macdiver  
RS - Poseidondivers Dahab


DK - Articicle Box jellyfish Near Australia
What is - Box jellyfish Near Australia
Box jelly fish Near Australia
Poisonous Animals: Box jelly fish A lot of different animals under the water
Jellyfish take over  
Dive savety:  
NO - Diving accidents Norway
NO - Diving accidents pp From patient plus
UK - Diving accidents  
BSAC- Accidents British Sub Aqua Club, accidents
BSAC - safety British Sub Aqua Club, Safety
Southeast asia  
Reef Currents  


Julieanne Forum Scuba Diving Forum at the Powerful Intentions Community, for discussions on popular dive sites, wreck diving, reefs, caves, diving with sharks, dolphins, live aboard diving trips, and anything related to diving.
DeepDive DeepDive is a Danish Internet dive community featuring articles, sites, forums, classified ads and much more
Scubasserne Scubasserne is a Danish Internet dive resource featuring tips&tricks, links, downloads and much more.
Divers.dk Divers.dk is a Danish Internet community site with links, forums, galleries, directories and much more
DiveInto DiveInto is a Danish Internet dive community featuring galleries, forums, news, courses and equipment hire.
GoDiving GoDiving is a Belgian dive centre. The site features dive sites, web cam, courses, links and much more.
Underseas scuba center  
X Ray Mag  
Fins Asian blog
Dive magazine - Forum  
SE - Diveguide Swedish site
TU - Scuba turkey  
Instruktør info Tilbagekaldelser
DK - Dobbelt flasker  


Yellow book  
Occupational health and safety act Canada
DK - Hyperbar Danish medecin / meeting
DK - Diving safety Dykkermedecin. diving illness
Scuba dive medecin  


AquaNet AquaNet is a free, online diving magazine dedicated to diving in Spain. The site features among other things great underwater photography
X-ray magasine
Tauchen German magasin
Unterwasserwelt German magasin
Indiver magazine  
Divers net English magasin
Dive magazine  


Sport extreme  
Scuba snacks website  
Dive centers worldwide  
Dive site directory  
Regal dive  
Scubaspots The world, oldest, lagest scuba dir
Top Scuba Sites  
Ekstra bladet 21 min  Hold vejret for 21 min...
Diving light  
DK - Canusee  
DK - Netspar  
DK - Aquashoppen  
Facts about:  
DK - Equipment  
the ocean  
Reefs What is reefs


Red sea:  
RS - Sinai Divers  
RS - Colona divers  
RS - Gooddive hurghada. Different dive sites in egypt
RS - Scuba travel hurghada. Dive Companies Operating in the Egyptian Red Sea
RS - Emperor divers Liveaboard
RS - Sunshine diving Liveaboard
RS - Scubadiving  
RS - Sinai divers  
RS - Regal diving Liveaboard
RS - Poseidon divers Dahab
RS - Red sea diving guide  
RS - Divecenters Hurghada
RS - Red sea Akassia
RS - Red sea diving El Qusier
White dolphin diving center hurghada
RS - Price diving center Hurghada (dansk også)
MA - Gozo diving Malta :
MA - Subway diving Malta :
Creete - Blue adventures diving Greece :
CR - Diving centers 1 Croatia :
CR - Pro diving Croatia Croatia :
CR - Isteria diving Croatia :
CR - Meereschule Croatia :
CR - Diving Puntizela Croatia :
CR - Diving centers 2 Croatia :
CR - Diving center India Croatia :
CR - Diving center chark Croatia :
CR - Gli man diving Croatia :
CR - Wreck diving Croatia :
CR - Gratch diving Pula Croatia :
CR - Diving sport center Croatia :
CR - Neptune Silo Croatia :
CR - Diving center Pongo Croatia :
CR - Kozulic sport Croatia :
CR - Other diving links Croatia :
ES - Dive international Spain : Sailing and diving in spain
ES - Different places Spain :
ES - Diving centers spain Spain :
ES - Andreas diving Spain :
ES - Sumergirse Spain :
ES - Blaumar Spain :
ES - Calypso diving estatit Spain : L'Estartit north of barcelona
ES - Nautitraccion Spain : barcelona
ES - Palamos dive center Spain : (palamos (girona))
ES - La-sirena dive center Spain : L' Estartit Girona
ES - Estacio nautica Spain : l`Estartit GIRONA
ES - Funtastic-emporda Spain : L'Escala GIRONA
ES - Medaqua Spain : L'Estartit  (Girona)
ES - Snorkel diving center Spain : L'Estartit  (Girona)
ES - Snorkel diving center palafrugell Spain : palafrugell, girona
ES - Diveglobal estaritit Spain : l'Estartit, girona
ES - Diving center pro atlantic Spain : Cabo verde
ES - Cabo verde diving Spain : Cabo verde
ES - Sal adventures Spain : Cabo verde
ES - Scuba caribe Spain : Cabo verde
ES - King fisher Spain : Cabo verde
ES - Boavista watersport system Spain : Cabo verde
ES - Diving cape verde islands Spain : Cabo verde
ES - Atlantic diving Spain : Tenerife
ES - Agua - tenerife diving center Spain : Tenerife
ES - Tauchen auf teneriffa Spain : Tenerifa
ES - Simple diving Spain : Fuengirola
ES - One2One diving Spain : Fuengirola
ES - Nordic divers Spain: Las palmas, Aguineguin, Mogan, Las cantera
IT - Sorrento - Nettune Italy :
IT - La Spezia Italy :
IT - Calabria Italy :
IT - BSAC-Travelclub Italy :
IT - Dive site dicrectory Italy :
IT - Sport extreme Italy :
IT - Sardinia - Schuba travel Italy :
IT - Ventotene diving academy Italy :
HA- Scubaduba Hawaiii: scuba diving vacations to Hawaii, Maui, Caribbean, Fiji, Florida, Bahamas, dive travel, new and used scuba diving equipment and dive gear, and scuba diving magazines, liveaboards & lessons.
DK - Place2Dive Check Place2dive.com for Divesites in Denmark.
Deep Blue Utila Deep Blue Resort Utila is a 5 Star Gold Palm PADI Resort and an all inclusive scuba diving vacation venue. The site features information on whale sharks, links, galleries, the area and the second largest barrier reef in the world.
ES - CostaBlancaScuba Spain : CostaBlancaScuba is a virtual link to diving the Spanish coastline. "We are not a dive centre or travel agency, - just a virtual link to the best dive sites. Everything that's needed for a perfect holiday is here - except you!"
ES - ScubaJive Spain : ScubaJive is a Spanish dive centre located on the South East coast. The site features course information, dive sites, links, offers and much more.
AU - Underwater australia Australia
AU - Kärnten  
MA - Info hub travel guide Maldives :
MA - Adventurer Maldives :
MA - Cyber diver Maldives :
MA - Pro divers Maldives :
MA - Intourist maldives Maldives :
MA - Kuredu resort Maldives :
MA - Asiatours net - maldives Maldives :
MA - Maldives diving eco tourism Maldives :
MA - Maldives live abroads Maldives :
MA - Maldives dive report Maldives :
MA - South asia charter Maldives :
MA - Maldives diving Maldives :
MA - Underwater Maldives :
MA - Madive online guide Maldives :
Sipadan island Sipadan
Sipadan scuba  
Semporna - Billabong scuba  
Semporna - Scuba junkie  


TH - Big blue diving Thailand :
TH - Scandinavian-divers Thailand :Also danish site
TH - Taa toh lagoon diving resort Thailand :
TH - Pattaya diving center Thailand :
TH - Dive asia Thailand :Phuket
TH - Diving center phuket Thailand :Phuket
TH - Scuba diving classified  
TH - Kontiki Thailiand: Krabi
TH - Koh lanta & Phi phi islands Thailand: Koh lanta
TH - Aquanauts diving center Pattaya
Coco divers  
Lapu lapu diving center  
discovery divers  
Mermaid resort  
Longnose hawkfish  
Palawan starfish  
Indonecia diving  
Dive buddies - phillipines  
Sports extreme  
Divecenters - Sulawesi  
Dive buddies - Sulu sea  
Diving north Sulawesi  
Divers lodge Lehbeh  
Malapascua island  
Travelsmart - Boracay  
Travelsmart - Palawan  
Sport extreme - Jessie Beazley reef  
Dive global - phillipines  
Divecal Busuanga: Coron: Calamianas
Saget island scuba diving Busuanga: Coron: Saget island
Divesites in the visayas Visayas: (Panay, Negros, Cebu, Bohol, Leyte, Siquijor)
Palawan? Palawan
Palawan resorts? Palawan
Abcdive Busuanga: Palawan: Boat
Dive world Busuanga: Coron: Travel agency
Scuba world Bohol, Cebu
Bambua nature park resort Palawan: Bambua
Palawan yacht charter Palawan: Boat
Pamilacan Island Bohol, Cebu, Whales
Dive magazine - The phillipines  
PH - Bastionas  
Divegurus Boracay Island's boutique
Scubaworld phillipines  
Diveguide nu Venzuela: Nederländska Antillerna Bonaire
Palau Palau
Palaus dive sites Palau:
Palau (Place to stay and diving also)
Paradise diving Mamaris
Derin diving center Kemer: Tekirova
Atlantis diving Kemer:
Diving Carpatica Dive Center HQ
Str. Mihail Moxa Nr. 9, etaj 1, sector 1, Bucuresti
Dive-centers constanta Constanta
Diving delphi Constanta
Scuba diver Bucuresti
Zurich divers  
Sirena Diving center Dk also
Liliade Sailing and diving in cannes area
SE - Diveschool Sweden : Helsinborg
SE - Veksjø dyk og sport Sweden : Veksjø
SE - Dykkercentralen Sweden : Malmø
SE - Malmø dyktjenst Sweden : Malmø
SE - CBM dive  
SE - Dykcenter blekinge Sweden : Blekinge
SE - Skånsk dyk service Sweden : Lomma
SE - One breath Sweden : Jonstorp
SE - Kullendyk Sweden : Kullen
SE - Eriks samlede dykkerlinks Sweden :
BU - Diving in burma  
BA - Blackbeard Bahamas divesites
US - Rainbow reef Florida keys
US - Island divers ST thomas
US - N2 diving adventures St croix
US - Caribbian dive guide st thomas
US - Scuba shack St croix
US - Amiralty dive center St thomas
US - West end dive sites St croix
Sport safaris  
South africa  
CMAS instructors  
AI - Dive sites Dive sites in asia
AI - Asia dive sites  
IN - Diving in kalimantan  
IN - Bali  
IN - Nusa Teggara  
IN - Lombok  
IN - Komodo islands  
IN - Flores  
IN - Alor & pantar  
Narvik - vreks  
Caribian best diving  
Top 100 diving places  
Blue ray divers  

Travel agency

SE - Discovery dive team  
DK - Atlantis rejser  
DK - CC travel  
DK - Divetravel  
PH - Sulu sea Diving in the sulu sea
DK - Arctic dive travel Greenland diving
DK - Mater dive travel  
UK - Liveaboards dolpinswim  
DK - Stjernegaard rejser Redsea
DK - Lava travel Island - Silva
SE - Absolute carribian Bonaire
Diving travel  
SE - Dykresespecialisten  
SE - Flygfisken  
SE - Southbridge Australia and Thailand
3 routes diving directory
Save money diving indonesia  
Dyk og resespecialisten  
CH - Hotelplan German page for travelling
DE - Divers travel guide A guide about places, diving, seaching
US - Blue island divers St thomas in carribian
US - Sea side dive center Saba in carribian
US - n2blue St croix virgin islands
US - Admiral ty dive St thomas virgin islands
US - Carribic dive guide  
Live aboards  
PH - Eagle offshore  
TH - Dive the world Phuket
PH - Liveaboards  

Shops (Online)

Scuba market  
Dive Inn store  
DK - Diveshoppen  
Mega dive store  
Hydrooptix - Diving masks  
Lucal diving  
Sports spex go  
Sport extreme  
Dive x shop  
Scuba equipment ltd  
Joe diver america  
Watersports warehouse  
Dive sports  
Leisure pro  
Dive booty  
Diveglobal Dive gear
Divers discount  
ocotaldiving Diving links
Fredstauchshop German shop (atomix aquatics also...)
Rock bottom dive  
Simply scuba  
Dive in German store
A -1 scuba diving  
Scuba surface interval  
Stockholm dykcenter Shop, cources
Aegir divecenter  
Calibex - Gear search  
Amazon - Gear search  


DE - Divezone
Shops (Local)  
DE - Divers inn  
DE - Heinemann tauchsport  
DE - Abc tauchen  
DE - Tauch sport braun  
DE - Tauch fabrik  
DK - Amager dykkercenter  
DK - Aqua syd  
DK - Marina dykkercenter  
DK - Superdive  
DK - Alpha diving shop  
DK - Scuba direct  
DK - Easy dive Webshop also
DK - Nordic dive shop  
DK - Esa dyk  
DK - Edyk  
DK - Bayzone  
DK - Nortech diving  
DK - Masterdive  
DK - Dykkersport  
DK - Dykcen  
DK - Diveshop1  
DK - Scubagear  
DK - Thugedive  
DK - 2Dive  
DK - Dykkerhulen  
DK - Dykkerteori  
SE - Kinnedyk  
SE - NN dyk  
SE - Sirius Dyk  
SE - Dive extreme  
SE - Seaprodivers  
SE - Aquadivers  
SE - Djupt  
SE - Dykbøjen Nedlagt
SE - Sportbutik  
SE - Scubadivers  
SE - Dykterminalen  
SE - Flying divers Gøteborg dykcenter
SE - Sportdyk  
SE - Vaxjo dyksport  
SE - Octopus dykcenter  
Kroatia - Pula - Neptun  
Hawaii - South seas aquatics  
Pacific nortwest - Adventures down under  
ES - Masbuceo  



FA & MI  
Atomic aquatics  
Deep outdoors  
Dive rite  
Genesis scuba  
H2 odyssey  
Atomic aquatics  
Seeaman sub  
Luxfer Tanks
BARE Wetsuits
DK - Danish sportsdykker forbund  
TH - Different Learn in asia
DK - C-Mas --> Padi Copenhagen diving club
DK - Padi --> C-Mas